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2020 Empire Cup Tournament Rules

Tournament Headquarters and team check-in will be at fields located at
Batavia Soccer Park
8069 Bank Street Road Batavia, NY 14020
REGISTRATION:  Registration is 1 hour prior to your first game
 Rules and Regulations of Competition :
This Tournament is sanctioned by the United States Youth Soccer Association of the New York West Youth Soccer Association


RULE I – ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY: New York State West Youth Soccer Association (NYSWYSA) has a zero tolerance policy in effect at all times. This policy applies to the tournament and can be found on the NYSW website. If a referee or tournament official observes inappropriate behavior from a coach, spectator or player at any time during the tournament, appropriate action may be taken, up to and including ejection from a game or the entire tournament. No parent or spectator shall persistently address the referee(s) at any time. This includes, but is not limited to: disputing calls during or after the game; making remarks to the referee(s) or advising the referee(s) to watch certain players or attend to rough play; yelling at the referee(s) including criticism, sarcasm, harassment, intimidation or feedback of any kind before, during or after the game. In the event of such offenses, the referee or tournament official may take any of the following actions: issue a verbal warning to the coach of the offending party’s team; stop the game and instruct the coaches to direct the parent/spectator to leave the field; abandon the game if the parent/spectator does not leave the field, resulting in a forfeit for the offending party’s team. Alcohol consumption or the use of illegal drugs by any participant, coach, team, or supporter during the Tournament will not be tolerated


Games for the U-9 and U-10 age groups will consist of two (2) 20-minutes halves
Games for U11-U14 age groups will consist of two (2) 30-minute halves.
Game for U15-U19 will consist of two(2) 40 minute halves
The U-9 and U-10 age groups will play a 7 v 7 format, the U-11 and U-12 age groups will play a 9 v 9 format, and U-13 and older age groups will play an 11 v 11 format. There will be NO OVERTIME in any game. There will be a 5-minute interval at the half.


RULE III: SMALL SIDED GAME RULES: In accordance with USYS Small Sided Game Rules, the following rule modifications will apply: • U9-U10: A goal kick will require the opponents to retreat to their own half of field until the ball is in play. The ball is in play when it is kicked directly out of the penalty area. The attacking team does not have to wait for the opponent’s defenders to retreat and has the option to restart the game before should they choose to • U9-U10: A goalkeeper cannot punt or drop kick the ball. If a goalkeeper punts or drop kicks the ball, an indirect free kick would be awarded from the spot of the offense. If the offense is within the goal area, the indirect free kick should be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the nearest point to where the infringement occurred. • U9-U11: There is no deliberate heading for U11 and below age groups. If a player deliberately heads the ball, an indirect kick will be awarded to the opposing team from the spot of the offense. If the deliberate head occurs within the goal area, the indirect kick will be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the nearest point to where the infringement occurred.


RULE IV - PLAYER PASSES/BOOKS and GUEST PLAYERS: The ONLY acceptable proof of age will be a VALID USSF, state, or national/province pass/book that includes the signature and photograph of the player. Players not presenting a VALID player pass/book at registration will not play. Rosters will have a maximum of 14 players for the U-9 through U-10 age groups, 18 players for U-11 through U-15 age groups, and 22 players for U-16 through U-19 age groups; rosters may include up to five(5) guest players. Rosters may not be changed after tournament registration. At no time may any player(s) in this Tournament register or play for more than one tournament team. Any player(s) found doing so will be removed from the Tournament. Any team using a player either not validated at registration or dual-rostered, will forfeit all games in which the player(s) participated and such conduct will be reported to its respective state/provincial soccer association. Players’ credentials must be in the coach’s possession for all games of the tournament. The Tournament reserves the right to check player credentials at any time. Any disputes regarding player eligibility must be brought to referee’s attention by head coach before the end of a match. If at any time a coach does not have all players’ credentials in his or her possession during a tournament game, the Tournament reserves the right to end the game and declare a forfeit, awarding a win to the opposing team.


RULE V - SUBSTITUTIONS: Teams can substitute on any dead ball. There is no limit to the number of substitutions per game. Referee approval is required for any substitution.
RULE VI - FOULS and MISCONDUCT: Fair play and good sportsmanship are the cornerstone of the event and as such, all participants are expected to act accordingly throughout the Tournament. In the event a player receives a RED CARD or a coach is dismissed, the Field Marshal will turn in the player's pass/book and report the infraction or the dismissal to the Tournament Director at headquarters. Any player receiving a RED CARD or any coach who has been dismissed will not be allowed to participate in the following game. The Tournament Director will deny further participation for the remainder of the Tournament in the event any individual receives a second RED CARD or dismissal. RED CARDS and dismissals will be reported to the New York State West Youth Soccer Association (NYSWYSA). Passes/books will be held at Tournament headquarters until the suspension is fulfilled. Passes/books held at headquarters because of "last game RED CARDS" will be sent to the NYSWYSA Rochester Commissioner and held until the suspension is served. NYSWYSA will communicate and forward any passes/books held to the visiting player/coach home association. Any incident of referee assault or abuse will, in accordance with USSF Rule 3042, be referred immediately to NYSWYSA. Home state/provincial associations and the home club/league shall, except in the case of referee assault, have the responsibility for imposing, should circumstances warrant, additional sanctions within their respective jurisdiction with regard to any matters arising from the Tournament.


RULE VII - FORFEITS: All teams must be at their assigned field at least 15 minutes before the start of their games. In the event a team does not appear at the scheduled game time or leaves the field before conclusion of a game, a 3-0 score/win will be awarded to its opponent at the discretion of the DIscipline Committee. Teams not properly registered before the start of their first game will forfeit all games until proper registration and paperwork are completed. IN NO CASE SHALL A TEAM WHICH FORFEITS A GAME BE CONSIDERED FOR A PLAY-OFF POSITION OR BE CONSIDERED A DIVISION CHAMPION, FINALIST, OR RUNNER-UP. All decisions of the Resolution Committee are final.
RULE VIII – POINTS AND STANDINGS: WIN = 4 points, TIE = 2 point, LOSS = 0 points and additionally a SHUTOUT = 1 additional point (excludes 0-0 scores). Standings in a division will be determined by points accumulated; points accumulated in "crossover" play against teams in other divisions (if any) also count when determining standings within one's own division. Games scores on which these points are based MUST BE VERIFIED at the end of each game by the referee's signature on the scorecard. In the event of teams being equal in points after the division's games are completed, standings will be determined as follows (note, however, Rule V - Forfeits, which takes first priority): 1. If 2 teams are tied, the result of head-to-head competition (if 3 or more teams are tied, skip to #2 below); if still equal, then: 2. The team with the most wins, if still equal, then: 3. The sum of goal differential for EACH WIN (maximum of plus 3 per win); if still equal, then: 4. The least number of goals against; if still equal then: 5. The most shut-outs; if still equal, then: 6. The most number of goals for; if still equal, then: 7. FIFA penalty kicks tie-breaking procedure under the supervision of the head referee. 8. The least number of player red cards and coach ejections. Ties at the end of regulation time in championship, semi-final or play-off games (where applicable) will be broken by the FIFA penalty kicks tiebreaking procedure; there are no overtimes. For tie-breaking penalty kicks, any player on the official tournament roster may either act as kicker or goal keeper during penalty kicks. In the event of a 3-way tie, the 1st place team will be determined using the above criteria. The 2nd place team will then be determined from the remaining 2 tied teams, by using the above criteria, starting with the first tie-breaker. Awards will be presented to division champions and runners-up for U-11 divisions and older. Standings will not be kept in U-9 and U-10 divisions; participation awards will be presented to all players in U-9 and U-10 divisions.


RULE IX – INCLEMENT WEATHER: Coaches and players must appear on the field ready to play at their scheduled time, regardless of weather conditions, unless advised otherwise by the Tournament Director. Only the referee or the Tournament Director may suspend a game. Only the Tournament Director may cancel a game. In the event of inclement weather before a game, referees or the Tournament Director may delay the game or reduce its length by 50%; furthermore, the Tournament Director may, at his sole discretion, reduce the length of subsequent games on the schedule by up to 50% and/or change scheduled field locations if deemed necessary to complete the entire schedule by the end of the day due to the impact of extended inclement weather. If a game in progress is terminated due to weather conditions and one half of the game has been completed, then that game will be considered official and the score final.


RULE X - TEAM SIDES OF THE FIELD: The home and visiting teams will occupy a touchline on the same side of the field, teams will occupy opposite halves of the field, and coaches shall not enter the other team’s half during the game. Their respective supporters will occupy the touchline on the opposite side of the field as the teams are on. No coaches or spectators should be outside of designated areas at any times. No coaches or spectators are allowed on goal lines or behind goals at any times. Referees or tournament officials can stop play at any time, without stopping the game clock, to rectify the situation.


RULE XI - PLAYER EQUIPMENT: Players must wear shin guards and proper uniforms in accordance with FIFA, USSF, and NYSWYSA guidelines. The "Home" team as specified on the schedule has first choice of uniforms; the "Visiting" team will wear its uniform which contrasts with that of the "Home" team. In the event the "Visiting" team does not have a uniform which contrasts sufficiently with that of the "Home" team in the opinion of the referee, both teams will cooperate and change uniforms as necessary in order that the game may proceed. The "Home" team will provide a ball for the game, size 4 for U12 and younger, size 5 for all other age groups.


RULE XII - PERSONAL CONDUCT: The Tournament will not tolerate discriminatory acts by any Tournament participant (coach/player/supporter), with respect to race, color, religion or national origin. Alcohol consumption or the use of illegal drugs by any participant, coach, team, or supporter during the Tournament will not be tolerated. Any such act shall constitute unsportsmanlike conduct. Any such participant, coach, team parent, team supporter, and/or the entire team (a) will be subject to immediate dismissal from the Tournament at the sole discretion of the Tournament Director; (b) may be held liable.


RULE XIII - PROTESTS: Referee decisions are final and are not subject to protest. In the event a situation occurs which is not covered by or is ambiguous in the Tournament Rules and Regulations of competition, that situation will revert to the Discipline Committee for a decision based upon the spirit and intent of that situation. Protests must be submitted in writing with a bond check of $100 to the Tournament Director. The bond fee will be refunded if it is decided by the Discpline Committee that the protest is upheld. The decisions of the DIscipline Committee are final. Referee decisions are final and are not considered reviewable by the Discipline Committee.


RULE XIV - Discipline COMMITTEE: The Discpline Committee shall consist of the Tournament Directors. The Discipline Committee reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the Tournament, including interpretation of the foregoing Rules and Regulations of Competition.
RULE XV- Refunding Policy


A.Tournament Cancellation-In the event of a catastrophic event or otherwise causing the event to be canceled in its entirety, all teams participating teams will recieve a full refund. 
B. Teams withdrawing from the event after acceptance are subject to loss of their registration fee in full or in part as an administration fee.