Empire United Soccer Academy

Empire United Futures

Final Indoor Session at Sportsplex- Register Now! 

"WINTER C" March 4th - April 25th 2020!

The Empire Futures League consists of two sessions per week: one training session and one game day! 

Program Times 


5:10PM Training Session: U8-U10 (Birth Years 2013-2010)

6:05PM Game: U12-U14 (Birth Years 2011-2006)        


10:00AM Game: U8-U10 (Birth Years 2013-2010)

10:00AM Training Session: U12-U14 (Birth Years 2011-2006)

Training Session

(1x per week)

Our training sessions are a combination of technical footwork training, small-sided games, and differential learning opportunities that allow our players to develop the creative, decision-making skills they will need on the field in years to come.

You may find our players working through obstacles placed in the middle of their game fields, perfecting their footskills by dribbling with a tennis ball instead of a soccer ball, or playing through other distractions, like passing while playing catch with a friend, or checking their field of vision while pulling moves.    

Game Session

(1x per week)

At our game sessions, players will be divided into competitive groups and will participate in round-robin-style games.

U8: Our U8 players focus on footwork and technical ball-skills. We play small-sided games of 3v3 or 4v4 using small goals (no goalkeepers). We do kick-ins instead of throw-ins. This allows players to get as many touches as possible, which is beneficial to individual player development. 

U10: Our U10 players play 5v5 or 6v6 games, including goalkeepers. For this level, we use throw-ins and traditional goalkeeper rules. At this level, the focus becomes learning about spatial awareness and positioning on a larger field. 

U12-U14: Our U12-U14 players utilize the full field and play with traditional rules. The goals for these players are to continue to develop their technical skills on the large field, increase their spatial awareness, and begin to make tactical decisions as they gain experience with the game.